01. Don’t forget to sign up to our Film Fest Party Hotline to get all the tips during the fest. Text “filmfest” to 97000 or sign up here.
02. I am surpsied at how many people don’t know this one. If you do not have tix to a movie and they are sold out, you can still get in. No more waiting in the cold for wait list tickets! Check out how it works here :
03. Follow us on twitter and facebook above for updates, swag, celebrity sightings, and last minute private parties.
04. Bundle up, weather in Park City this year will be from early 20’s to low single digits this year. You don’t want to be caught waiting in line in a mini skirt. Although I have seen this many times. Check out the chart below.

05. If you are going to bring a car into park city there are a couple things you should know. Parking at the fest can be tricky and you will get ticketed if you park in the wrong spot. Get to Main St. early and get a spot around the free lots throughout the shuttle routes. For all your paid lots see a list here.

If not, your best bet for the fest is to take the free shuttle during the festival. Here is the map and route here.

Otherwise, Uber and Lyft are your friends and will be in Park City this year again, download their apps and use codes pi619 for Uber and NATALIE108 for Lyft to get discountes off your first ride.

06. There are a ton of amazing features and shorts picked for this year at the festival. For a list of 2017’s films during Sundance, please visit this link.
07. Sundance is not JUST about Sundance films only; the Slamdance Film Festival has an amazing roster of films as well, you’ll find a little bit of everything here. Check out this year’s Slamdance films here.
08. Don’t be late! Most of these parties have a capacity cut off. If you are early in line it will give you better chances of getting in.
09. If you are going to be attending a concert, buy your tickets in advance. They will generally either sell out fast, or go up in price the day of the show.
10. I don’t know about everyone else, but when I get to Park City, the altitude never fails to get me. I get headaches, nausea, shortness of breath, fatigue, all the symptoms. But then again almost 8,000 ft up is a body shock for this below sea level gal. Make sure you get the herbal altitude pills before even hitting your accommodations. If you have any of these symptoms this can kill your sundance buzz. Take the herbal altitude pills as soon as you get in and every morning you are there. You will feel like a new person, trust me. If you can’t find them in the local supermarkets in Park City, I found the exact ones we get there on this site, they are life savers:
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