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Film Fest Party List has been compiling the party list during Sundance for over 10 years, but we have only made it available to the public for the last 5yrs. Here are some cool testimonials we have gotten this year so far through our social media and through email. More to come.

A very thorough and up to date list that gives you all the details for the hottest parties and events happening at Sundance. It is the must have tool to keep you in the know. Well worth the money.
Beth R - NYC
Thank you for the list. It’s so great that you guys are making this available, it really helped me while at the festival last year.
Thank you so much for your service and hard work in putting together this list. I am a first time buyer and this is great information. I plan to make future purchases next year and beyond. I have been going to Sundance since 2004 and I feel more prepared this year than ever!
Bryan K.
You can also enter to win a copy of the entire Sundance party list (and, more importantly, the contact info of the gatekeepers) at SundancePartyList.com.
Forbes Magazine
Thanks again. Third year I have gotten the list from you and it never disappoints. Take care.
The access is totally worth $100.
I really like having a comprehensive daily list of all the stuff happening. I think it’s worth it.
Ed -
Thanks for a great service! I found my housing using your site. Have a great festival!
Keri W.
The list is awesome and well worth it! Thank You
Brian -
I just purchased the party list. This is my fourth time buying. I love your service!
Jen -
Thank you for your dedication and tireless effort in assembling this amazing list of parties and events….
Wilson -
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