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Does RSVP'ing Guarantee I Get In?

RSVP’ing to any party on the list does not guarantee your entrance. We are not affiliated with either of the festivals or any of the parties. We have no clout for getting anyone in. We provide you with the info, and you work your magic. It’s all about networking, networking, networking. So don’t be shy.

What do I ask for when RSVP'ing?

When RSVP’ing, keep it simple. No more than a couple sentences. Introduce who you are, why you are going and how many on your list. ?Make sure your email signature includes your title, website (if you have one, and contact info). P.S. Having a company in the industry, production, agency, pr, press, etc…will give you more clout but it is entirely not necesary.

Why is the list issued so late?

It is not actually issued late. There is a very short amount of time between film line ups being announced and event planning. The list is a work in progress that keeps evolving every day as more events are announced and made available. The Film Fest Party List is usually released 1 week before the festival opening date give or take.

How do you get the event info?

There are many ways we acquire information for The Film Fest Party List. 1. Films, brands, companies and others submit their events directly through our website or via email to be included in the Film Fest Party List. 2. We do extensive research and spend many hours creating the most comprehensive festival list in existence during Sundance and Slamdance Fests. We do the work, so you don’t have to. There are other smaller lists that cater to celebrities but we believe the filmmakers and artists that have worked so hard to get into the festival should have access to a comprehensive list detailing the events that are happening during the fest.

Do you have every single event during the festival?

No we do not have EVERY SINGLE event becasue that would be close to impossible, but we do have the majority of events during the festival.

Will the list go down in price?

The list will go down to $75 on Saturday, $50 on Sunday and $25 on Monday. However, the longer you wait to RSVP the smaller your chances of getting into any parties, so get the list as early as you can. We have lowered the price to $99 to make it accessible for more people.

Who are you?

We are artists and entrepreneurs that love going to the festival and have a passion for independent film.

Does the list get updated?

If and when there are new updates, they will automatically be added to our web app for your viewing.

What does N/A or TBD/TBA mean?

If a listing has N/A (Not Applicable) it means one of two things, 1. That particular info has not been made available on the industry lists yet or 2. No rsvp needed, just go to the party early and get in. TBD/TBA means to be determined/announced, so if the address or email gets added, you will be updated via email.

Why do some listings have prices on them?

If a listing has a price, it is a concert listing or seminar (the price indicates the general admission price to get in), there are no RSVP’s for the big concert listings or seminars.  We added those so you have the most comprehensive list of events during Sundance in one place. We do the work for you, so you don’t have to.

Once I've paid how long before I get my list?

If you have pre-purchased the list, we will keep you posted as to when the list will be released. If the list is already available, instructions will be emailed to you after payment is received during regular business hours.  Usually, you will receive the list within 15-30min of purchase. If you don’t get it within 1hr of purchasing, please email through our contact page.  If you order the list past regular business hours, you will not get it until next business day.

What format does the list come in?

We are partnered with a third party app called Sched. It facilitates planning your time at the festival and gives you all the events in the palm of your hand. It can easily be accessed via mobile, tablet or computer. All events are color coded for easy in organizing.

Do you accept refunds?

No refunds accepted once the list is bought. No exceptions.

Why have I not gotten my list?

If this list is not out yet, that is a good indication of why you have not received it. It is usually out 1 week prior to the festival start date. If the list is out and you have not received it, please check your spam or junk folder. Make sure to add our 3rd party app (where the list access comes from) Shed.org to your email client. If you still can’t find the email to access the list, make sure that you are checking your Paypal email. We send all list access to the PayPal email we received payment from. 9 out of 10 times, its because your regular email is not the same as your Paypal email. If all else fails, please email us and we’ll get it sorted out.

Some info is erroneous, what should I do?

Let us know via email. We input all of the events manually, any festival list does, so there may be room for human error. We are updating the list constantly as new or additional information comes in every day. Sometimes links are not active until closer to the fest, or a party gets capped at full capacity rsvps and the status changes. If you find a glitch in our list, thank you, awesome, please email us to let us know and we will do our best to update the event.

Can I share the list with my friends?

Purchasing the list gives the person who purchased the list, access to the list using the email they provided for payment or otherwise stated. Sharing your login info will get your account locked for the remainder of the festival.

Supplying the list, distributing the list, or re-selling the list is prohibited by Film Fest Party List and we will prosecute. Just don’t do it. We are honest people, and we put a lot of work into making this list possible, don’t be a douche.

What if I am an agent or manager and want to distrubute to my clients?

If you are an agent or manager please contact us at mylist@filmfestpartylist.com for a quote. Include name of agency/management, and how many people you plan to distribute to. We will then send you a special invoice and once paid, access will be given.

How can I get a free list?

There are a couple of ways.

1. Join one of our ongoing contest HERE.

2. Have 3 friends buy the list from us and you get yours for free. Send us the emails they used to pay for the list and we will verify. Once verified, you will get the list.

What types of listings will I get on the list?

There are various types of listings on the list. We give you THE most comprehensive Film Fest Event List available during Sundance.

1. Parties

2. Lounges

3. Gifting Suites

4. Concerts

5. Seminars

6. Panels

7. Charity/Fundraisers

8. Brunches & Dinners

9. Workshops

10. Slamdance and Sundance

11. Awards


How long have you been doing the list?

We have been compiling the list for ourselves since 2005. We have made it public now for about 5yrs now so everyone can enjoy the festival like we do and have!

Why do you charge for the list and some don't?

Putting the list together, finding the events not on the list, verifying all the events, and tracking and contacting people, is A LOT of work, specially towards the end with such small time constraints. We start organizing and planning for the list 2-3 months out and it’s a full time job for us. There are 4 of us currently in our team. The amount of work vs. what we make off the list is very minute and even short of minimum wage for us. But we do it casue we love the festival, and we love being able to share the fruit of our hard work with the actual people that really make the festivals happen – artist like us.

The list also helps us keep the Film Fest Party List Hotline going which is a service we pay for and provide free of charge to you.

People that don’t charge for the list give it to very select few (A-listers) and we believe that Sundance A-Listers are important, but they don’t really MAKE the festival. You and I do, the filmmakers, actors, the struggling artists and entrepreneurs, the ones that get their films in the festival yet, don’t get the recognition or access they deserve.

This list is for you.

We’ve tried different pricing and have found that $99 makes it accessible to everyone and helps us in putting it together for everyone to enjoy. We hope you have a great time at the festival. We thank you for your support.

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